Thursday, February 4, 2016

Needy RV

Dear Dr. R.V. Shrink:
My husband is a sucker for every pitch that comes down the pike. He is always buying some gadget that is going to save us money in the long run, save our lives in an emergency, or save our equipment from impending doom.

Since we bought our RV it's always something. A chemical for the toilet that will kill the smell and save the valves, gadget for the refrigerator that will keep it from exploding into a fireball, a water filter and pressure gauge to save our plumbing, or a surge protector to save our electrical system.

Last week we needed a tire monitoring system to let us know we have a flat. Do we really need all this stuff​? ​

If it is so important, why didn't it come on our brand new motorhome. It cost​s more than our first t​wo​ houses. Seems like they could have included all these gadgets if they are so crucial.
--Pitchy in Palm Springs

Dear Pitchy:
Many of these things can be purchased with a new rig. Some are personal choices you might want to think of as insurance policies. It is no different than deciding if you want to purchase the extended warranty on a new electric toothbrush.

People that have never owned an RV often do not realize what they may need or want. After you get a few miles under your belted tires, you start making decisions on items that may help you monitor your equipment, make your environment safer, or give you some peace of mind.

I agree that some seminars are geared toward sales. I have been to many that tend to exaggerate the possibilities of problems in an effort to convince the audience to make a buying decision.

There are enough RV forums online that can give you first​-​hand experience with all these problems. Use this resource to get a second opinion on any options, gadgets, or solutions that come across your radar.

Some things you can live without, but I would give cautious thought to safety items.

Some equipment monitors are designed to protect you from situations that are not at all common. These are items that you will have to decide on an economical basis whether the cost outweighs the risk for you personally.

You probably don't need the doorbell that plays 34 different songs​,​​ ​but then​,​ who knows, your husband may go to that seminar too.

Just don't let him get satellite TV. He will spend all day watching QVC.

  --Keep Smilin', Dr. R.V. Shrink


jean said...

Just as life is - outside a rig! My little Prius carries an extra full tire and rim.....just in case that Ranger Road (unused by any Ranger in years) - proves too much for an older tire. Beyond that - I simplify life wherever I can. How close I am to assistance is a good reason to bypass the 'essential item'. Safety (see 'tire' above) comes first. It is easy to rethink this from a hospital bed. Think about the pioneers....that starter of sourdough was the most important thing aboard other than the oxen pulling the wagon. Keep Smilin there, Dr.Shrink!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy working on our RV at home but not on the road. I want to relax. It is all about insurance and peace of mind. I pay insurance premiums to guard against vehicle damage. A water regulator for $10.00 gives peace of mind for my plumbing. A surge protector for my electricity. A tire monitoring system for my tires. Chemicals for my toilet. If a problem arises it is my responsibility to correct it and keep my family happy. For less than $750.00 (not including the annual insurance) I have enjoyed many miles of happiness with them without worry.

Anonymous said...

One thing is for sure, manufacturers should include some things as original equipment since virtually every RV owner needs them, like a surge protector.

travelinggramma63 said...

We are fulltimers,
6 months in our RV and 6 months in a park model in Florida. We have surge protectors on both rigs and would not spend a day without it. We have heard horror stories about TVs, computers, air conditioners that have been fried by surge drops or spikes in RV parks. We lost power for 24 hours recently during a storm in Florida and all of our electronics were spared. So yes, some of these items are cheap insurance......

electricbuzz said...

Dear Pitchy, first you need to buy, read and understand the Mars and Venus book. At this point you don't understand men. Men (we, me, your husband) have these testosterone run needs (wants). We can't control them. Fear, safety, the need to please, the need to show our manliness, all run the wants of these products. If you tell him no it will make him unhappy. The feeling will NEVER go away. He will buy them anyway. He will not tell you about them any more. He will start having secrets from you. Your marriage will suffer. He will look for greener grass (and smoke some). You will be gone, and he will be driving down the road with some young chippy, smiling with all of his after market goodies on his rv. Leave him alone!🌹