Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Greta Garbo at Quartzsite

Dr. R.V. Shrink:
My wife wants to go to Quartzsite, Arizona, for the big gathering that takes place in January. It looks like way too many people for me. I hate crowds. We started RVing to get away from the maddening crowd. She is insisting we go. Am I being unreasonable? Should I keep dragging my feet or give in and deal with it?

I want our travels to include the things she wants to do, but this is really something that does not appeal to me. --Garboish in Glendale

Dear Garboish:
Even Greta had to deal with crowds on occasion. I know where you are coming from, I felt the same way before I finally gave in and joined the circus. I can tell you I was pleasantly surprised. Go over and find a group to camp with. Circle the wagons and enjoy some of the activities. If you park in the right place you won't have to drive much and fight traffic. We parked a few miles out and I rode my bike to town everyday.

It did turn out to be an expensive decision. I went to several seminars on RV remodeling projects. I spent the summer redoing our motorhome flooring, pulling out our dinette bench, and relocating the television. So, my advice would be to stay away from seminars if you want the summer off.

The whole experience was successful for one common RV Lifestyle reason. We met a ton of wonderful people, good friends and new friends. Admittedly, there might have been some alcohol involved, but that is optional.

Put your Greta Garbo personality in the closet for a week and try it. I only agreed to a couple days and ended up staying nearly two weeks. Had a blast. --Keep Smilin', Richard Mallery a.k.a. Dr. R.V. Shrink


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