Wednesday, December 14, 2016

RV TV location solution

Dr. RV Shrink:
We bought a used motorhome recently. We love the layout better than any new models we've looked at. The only problem is the location of the TV. I think the engineers put it in the only place they had left. I am surprised they didn't stick it in the freezer. It is driving my husband nuts. He isn't an engineer, but he thinks he could play one on TV. Now he wants to play engineer with our TV. He has so many ideas where to put it, I can't even keep track anymore. Should I just give up and let him do his thing? I'm afraid he will put it somewhere that is worse than where it is now. --Misplaced in Middlebury

Dear Misplaced:
I have agreed with readers in the past that many RV models have the TV stuck in some odd location. Many of the older motorhomes had full-sized TVs placed in a huge cabinet in the front cockpit. It meant craning your neck to look up at it all the time.

I suggest you let your husband do his engineering. You should not only encourage him, but also give him some input.

I am no engineer, but I solved our TV location problem with a full motion TV extension mount. (OmniMount Play). It gives you many options as to location because of its range of motion and long multiple extensions. I studied a million brackets before I decided on this one. It has exceeded my expectations. I mounted it in a storage cabinet and it easily pulls out and adjusts in many directions.

Once your husband finds out about this engineering marvel -- look out, you may find your TV almost anywhere. Don't forget to give him input. --Keep Smilin', Richard Mallery a.k.a. Dr. R.V. Shrink


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