Wednesday, December 16, 2015

RV Home on the Range

Dear Dr. R.V. Shrink:
My husband wants to sell everything, buy a motorhome and drive all the way across the country to a big gathering he read about in a place called "Quartzsite." I think he has lost his marbles.

He's too old for a mid-life crisis, and too young for me to convince him he is delusional.

What can I do to dampen his wanderlust spirit enough to save our house from going on the block?
--Heading for Homeless in Hyannis

Dear Hyannis:
Selling the house before you actually give the RV lifestyle a try can sometimes work out and sometimes be a disaster.

You seem like you are not on the same page about this great adventure. That being the case, I would put off placing the house on the sales block and putting together this adventure on a trial basis.

 Taking a block of time and testing whether the RV lifestyle is right for you will make things much easier in the long run no matter what your decision is.

I come from a long line of irrational exuberance. That's me with my family in the above picture when my dad decided we should take our 1957 Airstream and go all the way across the country to the Seattle World’s Fair in 1962.

I can tell you from a lifetime of experiences that this move can lead to a travel addiction. Whether you dive in or tiptoe, most people find there is a strong undertow that often will drag you in and you will find it hard to escape the pull of the experience.
--Keep Smilin', Dr. R.V. Shrink


MrTommy said...

Great picture! And towing with a Buick convertible. Ya can't beat it . . .

Anonymous said...

The "Big Gathering at Quartzsite" is great but for only a coupla weeks. It is a fun thing to do but definitely not a place to "sell everything and go to" as if it were a retirement resort.

Anonymous said...

We have been going to Quartsite for about 7 years. We have gone there in a motorhome, a truck camper and 3 different 5th wheels. We have finally reached the point that we like our latest 5th wheel and will sell our house this spring. It's a learning process....

Unknown said...

Try it first by renting an RV for a several month trip Much cheaper and less disruptive.

Jerry X Shea said...

Dear Homeless in Hyannis. Sit your husband down and ask him "have you ever seen a an older couple in which one of them has had a stroke?" Then ask him, should that happen to him, how does he expect you to take care of him in a RV that he can't even get in and out of? Go ahead and sell your home, but downsize and buy a small condo, mobile home, something you can go back to and live in when RVING is over, even if you have your health. If your husband plans to live in an RV till the day he dies, ask him "what about me?" With all the great places to go and see and his goal is Quatsize --- this man need help. As others have said, test the waters (rent an RV) see how it goes in your local area. Whatever you do, don't put all your retirement eggs (money) into an RV . Thathere will become a financial disaster in the long term.

Dennis said...

Yeah but what happens if he doesn't have a stroke???

Unknown said...

Jerry a "Stroke" glad you plan for everything, but i feel you should be more realistic with the offers. Most people do not wait or wish for a stroke or heart attack to have the world come crashing down.
While i fully agree that they both need to come to a middle ground, with smaller trips for both to learn how it all works.
I wish they both well and hope for his sake they at least go out to Quartzsite to see it and stay if they want to.Happy camping