Tuesday, December 1, 2015

RV big chill

Dear Dr. R.V. Shrink:
My husband is always a half bubble off plumb, or at least he thinks he is. He is a bit of a fanatic about our fifth-wheel being level. He thinks if it is the least bit off level our refrigerator will stop working.

I don’t see other people that concerned with being perfectly level. Will you explain to me how I can persuade him to relax and still chill? —Cold Hearted in Henderson

Dear Cold Hearted:
Manufacturers use a more vertical design for evaporator positioning in today’s cooling units. This makes it easier for evaporator coils, inside the cooling unit, to permit gravity flow of liquid ammonia through the system.

Give the poor guy a break. If nothing else, his efforts will keep your refrigerator efficient and running optimally.

Leveling is not the only important part of efficiency, but it is important. Being a half bubble off should not hurt a newer unit. That said, front to back and side to side leveling still remains a concern.

If you run the fridge tilted for any length of time you can and will damage the cooling unit. Running off-level will cause the unit to stop circulating.

I can tell you from experience that pulling a unit and having it replaced or recharged is expensive and a hassle.

In the good old days you could take the unit out and roll it, cross your fingers and sometimes get it cooling again.

It’s easier to do a job right, than to explain why you didn’t, or pay for the mistake. So what’s the problem. Let him be fussy, let him be precise, let him be perfectly level.

If he is still a half bubble off plumb after all that, well, that would be another question and a different answer.
Keep Smilin’. Dr. R.V. Shrink 

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offcenterlarry said...

I'm disappointed in your answer. What is "any length of time"? "Being a half bubble off should not hurt a newer unit. That said, front to back and side to side leveling still remains a concern."? How new is "newer"? So, is a half bubble cause for concern, or not?

We move every week, except for the winter, and I try to keep it within half a bubble. After eight years and no fridge problems, I'm probably "doing it right", but it would still be nice to have specifics. :-(

Bluebird Bob said...

I gave up with this 1947 technology in these rv fridges.
Replaced with a house fridge. Doesn't need the "level" problem of the OLD style fridges.
A lot of rigs going to thses.
A new rv fridge can cost well over $1,000.
A house fridge goes from $300 on up depending on the size.
Those that I know that have made the switch, won't go back.