Tuesday, September 11, 2012

RV Sewer Solution

Dear Dr. R.V. Shrink:
You mentioned a few weeks back that you used some kind of sewer disposal unit that worked like a macerator using water to break down the solids. I am still trying to find the unit you were referring to. I am hosting in a park that offers me hookups but I have to move once a week to dump. If I could pump 50 yards I wouldn't have to move. We end up spending one morning a week putting everything down and away just to drive next door to dump. You could help restore my sanity if you could solve my sanitation situation without the need to move.
--Dirty Swirly in Sweetwater

Dear Dirty:
No problem. It is called the SewerSolution. You can buy them in many places. I think I bought mine on Amazon. It works great. I bought extra hose that hooks into pvc connected to my sewer system. I am moving it over 200 ft. with no problem. I suggest a clear sewer valve extension. I bought two as one did not extend far enough for the unit to clear my slide valve lever. Also the clear fitting lets you monitor the emptying process. I was a little suspect before ordering this unit. Now I can say that it is everything it is advertised to be. I carry it while traveling but have never had a need to use it on the road. With the extra hose I purchased I can reach about 30 ft. I would imagine that large diameter coil hose would work as well as my pvc pipe to extend your reach. It's much cheaper than the grinder type, but it is necessary to have a water connection for this to operate. From the sounds of your situation this would solve your current problem of moving every week and possibly even restore your sanity, depending on how long it's been missing. I can tell you this sure beats hauling a little blue honey wagon around the campground. When you do that, everyone not only knows your business, they know you're hauling it behind you.
--Keep Smilin', Dr. R.V. Shrink

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keithnteri said...

That is all that I use for my motorhome. I have a "stinky Slinky" but I have never used it, the Sewer Solution also makes the job a lot more sanitary as you can see through the hose so you know that there is nothing stuck inside.

Also, if you are just at a regular campsite with hookups, you don't need to have water hooked to the Sewer Solution for it to work. Just helps when emptying the black tank if anything should get stuck. We use Scott tissue in the black tank so don't have a problem with it not breaking down in the black tank. Using the water jet just makes it go quicker.

Very happy with mine.