Wednesday, June 10, 2015

RV carpet concern

Dear Dr. R.V. Shrink:
My husband thinks I am stuck in a groove. He says I keep playing the same song over and over. The problem is I want to be a carpetbagger.

I don’t know why RV manufacturers even put carpeting in rigs. Carpet starts out looking nice, but quickly becomes soiled, path worn and matted. I want to rip ours out and replace it with tile or linoleum.

My husband continues to resist the idea. He thinks it would make the trailer look bare and less warm. He also contends that it might have some function to play with the slides, since it is only carpeted where the slide comes in. I think it is a catchall for dirt, hair and everything else that hits the floor.

I am constantly sweeping handfuls of droppings from the tiled sections of our trailer, so I know that the carpet is just as dirty, holding onto this collection of debris in the fibers.

The other problem is we seldom stay in parks with power. We have solar and love to find remote places to spend time. The only option we have for vacuuming is to fire up the generator and annoy everyone near us that came for the same reason we did, quiet and solitude.

Should I just learn to live with this stuff? I am not a germaphobe, but I do like a clean trailer. We live in a small space and I want it spotless. I would appreciate any advice you could send my way.
--Not so magic carpet in Kalispell

Dear Kal:
If you are sounding like a broken record it is obvious you are not solving your disagreement in a satisfactory way. Manufacturers tend to offer what people want, what sells and what adds value to different models. I agree that a smooth surface is much easier to clean, but carpeting does have its plus sides. If removing it is not an option, you should start brainstorming about ways to deal with it that make it more desirable.

A couple things come to mind immediately. There are many 12V hand vacs on the market that do a good job of sucking up carpet debris. Another option would be area rugs. Not only for the carpeted sections, but also the smooth surface areas. They offer the advantage of removing and beating them outdoors. When they become too worn, or you tire of the design, it’s a simple matter of replacing them with another throw rug.

Because of the constant pounding a carpeted area takes in a small space, you might want to consider raking the carpet before you vacuum. A small scrub brush works great for this. It yields a lot of hair and loosened debris you would otherwise miss.

Having the carpet completely removed and replaced with tile is very doable. You would have to check with your manufacturer on your slide system. There may be some consideration as to how it rides in areas you want to redesign.

Don’t sweep your disagreements under the rug. Get them out in the open and make some decisions that both of you can live with.

If you don’t get your way this time, you will just have to “suck it up.”

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

You might want to read Richard Carlson’s book: “Don’t sweat the small stuff. And it’s all small stuff.” --Keep Smilin’. Dr. R.V. Shrink


Anonymous said...

I don't think hubby should have any say if he is not the one doing the cleaning! I have noticed recent models of RVs have less and less carpet, which means that the manufacturers are listening when buyers tell them they don't want carpet. We are camping after all, and want something that is easy to keep clean. Carpet is not.

jean said...

Suck it up indeed! But when considering throw rugs - check out the backing. a spray works best - when starting with a rug with NO 'rubberized' backing at all. All the other stuff simply cracks and becomes more of the stuff to be sucked up - plus it scratches the floor. A good dirt-colored rug works best, believe me!

Anonymous said...

Replaced all the carpeting (except bedroom) with vinyl plank flooring. Looks great, like a wood floor, and easy to clean. Got lots of compliments on it.

rvlovers10100 said...

We have been looking at a Thor Tuscany Motor Coach ,45AT, and the entire coach is tiled, no carpet! Both mu wife and I do not like this design. Stepping onto cold tile in the middle of the night to go powder our noses will definitely be an eye opening experience. Tile is very slippery and our Weimaraner refuses to walk on it. I believe it is a deal breaker for us and am beginning to look at other coaches. By the way, I am vacuum man in our current RV!

Anonymous said...

RV manufacturers use carpet because it looks great when new, its cheap and easy to install- NOT because its suitable for RV living.

Vinyl planking, especially the quick-lock floating-floor style is easy for the amateur to install (you only need a razor knife!), its relatively inexpensive and looks great when finished.

Having said that, make sure you understand how the slide works (some use the carpet as part of the sliding mechanism, some don't)

rvgrandma said...

I too would love to rip out the carpet. We have lived in it 10+ years and it shows. Mostly I hate the tan carpet and it is worn and lots of dirt under it. No amount of vacuuming or shampooing will ever get it.

Problem: were told we can't because the slide uses the carpet. If we put vinyl down it would scratch it. If that is all it does - I can live with that if it is just a couple areas. We currently have indoor/outdoor carpet over the old tan carpet. Yes, it is warmer in winter. If I put all vinyl I would then use area rug to cover it in winter.

I recently removed that hard gold trim they had to hold the edge of the carpet down - tired of stepping on it hurting my foot! The pad underneath is half disintegrated and there a solid layer of dirt/sand under the pad.

I could live with scratched vinyl as long as it does not tear it. I wonder if we could find the spot the the slide rides on the carpet, if we put a piece of carpet under that spot for it to ride in on, if that would work?

Anonymous said...

If your carpet wears out, replace it with better quality carpet.
I like soft carpet under my feet.

Anonymous said...

Both me and my wife love the carpet, and it's an easy thing to shampoo it every few years or so. Our '08 mh still looks great inside.

Ron said...

I have a (1)one slide 35ft mh full carpeted and I wish it was gone. Iam the man with vacuum and also do dishes .. Looking at a new MH without except in bedroom.. Wanting Heated tile floors also.In any case do enjoy the Full Time life style

Anonymous said...

We have a 2014 Thor Tuscany 40R and I LOVE the tile floors. Easy to keep clean and I have a pair of slippers at my bedside. I will never go back to carpet.