Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Morph into an RV

Dear Dr. R.V. Shrink:
We have been living in our fifth wheel for just over a year. We've been to many wonderful places we've always dreamed of visiting. My wife and I love this lifestyle and have adjusted well to living in a small space in comparison to our home. I keep talking about downsizing even more into a smaller rig and my wife will have none of it. My reasoning is gas savings, getting into areas with length restrictions, and traveling roads that will not accommodate our big rig and truck. Gas at this time is pushing four bucks, we couldn't get into Chiricahua National Monument in Arizona because of our length, and the River Road into Big Bend National Park from the west was a nail biter. Do you think she is being closed-minded or should I just be happy with what we have and stop trying to re-adjust our mode of transportation.
Morph and Mindy at Montezuma's Castle

Dear M&M:
There are no right or wrong answers to your question. There are so many variations to the rigs that people are traveling in today and it has created a new pastime. You will notice people walking the campgrounds at night looking at other rigs and re-evaluating the decisions they have made or would like to make. It is very natural to want to adjust or morph into something different. Since you have just started to travel, your perspective is beginning to change as you add more pieces to your experience puzzle. Everyone has different travel styles and interests. You just have to work together to find your niche. It is fun to observe and study others and see if parts of their lifestyle work for you. I have met people happier than a corn borer in a peach in the smallest Casita and the biggest motorhome. Recently I met a couple with a semi tractor with a smart car on the back, pulling a fifth wheel, pulling a trailer full of ORV's. They were parked next to a really interesting guy full-timing on a bicycle with a one-man Hilleberg tent. Both seemed equally high on life. Sometime all we need is an attitude adjustment. Don't make any quick decisions, but continue to dialog and dream. You may never get it completely right but the journey is often much more interesting than the destination, both geographically and mentally.
--Keep Smilin', Dr. R.V. Shrink



Anonymous said...

Why not get a motorhome and pull a toad?

Anonymous said...

A year is a very short time to decide what they have isn't working. Unless they both loathe the current RV, they need to give it time. Also, just how small is the guy thinking of. Give it more time and do a better job at researching the next purchase, unlike the first purchase.