Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Dr. R.V. Shrink's new book

Dear Dr. R.V. Shrink:
We are jumping on the RV travel bandwagon. We just retired but my husband has been reading your column for a couple years. There are many things we never considered until we read your postings.

Now as we have begun the journey we laugh at situations we have read about in your column. Our son just sent us a link to your ebook on Amazon. We had no idea it was even available. He actually works for Amazon in Seattle and knew we would be interested when he saw it.

Thanks for all the humorous insight into this life on wheels. We are truly enjoying every minute of it. A new adventure around every curve in the road.
--Newbie's in Newport

Dear Newport:
I have had your letter in my queue for a couple weeks waiting for the book to go live at all online distribution outlets. It is brand new. I know it is available on Amazon and should be available everywhere soon. Newest Dr. R.V. Shrink book

It is the first in a series I plan to publish over the next year or so. You can actually see a decent sampling of the book on Amazon by clicking the "Look Inside" option.

This book is a couple hundred pages of over 300 Dr. R.V. Shrink columns I have written for Chuck on his RVtravel.com site. I have always been a big fan of Chuck and his newspaper "OutWest" and his now very popular RVtravel.com.

I have been at this RV lifestyle my whole life and I still learn new tricks reading his newsletter every Saturday morning. It is a wonderful resource that has all the politics of advertising stripped away so that the reader gets a true picture of the industry and the lifestyle without a bunch of false facade from advertiser bias.

Thank you for your kind words about the column and helping me introduce my newest book to readers.
--Keep Smilin', Richard E. Mallery a.k.a Dr. R.V. Shrink, a.k.a Dick E. Bird

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