Wednesday, August 31, 2016

RV squeak

Dear Dr. R.V. Shrink:
We have a squeak that is making me crazy. My husband has a hearing problem and does not hear high pitched noise. I think it might be something to do with the furnace because that is when I hear it. Should we try to fix the furnace or my husband?
--Annoyed in Annapolis

Dear AA:
I would start with the furnace as husbands are so much harder to fix. With the little information I have I am going to guess blower fan. Clean it and lube it. It might be dirty and off balance a bit, worn or dry. If you can't do it, assign your husband to the task. If he can't do it, find an RV technician. The RV technician will make your wallet squeak. See if your husband can hear that.
--Keep Smilin', Dr. R.V. Shrink

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