Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Hold on to your RV drawers

Dear Dr. R.V. Shrink:
My husband gets upset every time our drawer under the stove flies open.

The problem is weight. I love to cook with my iron skillets. I carry three in that drawer which is a very convenient place for them. Often we will make a sharp curve and the drawer comes all the way out and falls off the slides. My husband grumbles all the time he is putting it back on and saying we should store the skillets in some other space.

I do all the cooking. I don’t tell him where to store his tools, so why should I have to be told where to store mine?

Am I being unreasonable?
 --Slip Slidin’ Away in Salerno Beach

Dear Slip:
Nothing to squabble about. Tell your husband to go out to where he keeps his tools and fetch them. Run down to the hardware and buy a childproof drawer latch and have him install it. You might want two evenly spaced depending on the weight of those iron skillets.

Usually Velcro or a second latch would be enough to hold an aggravating drawer closed, but it sounds like you are doing some heavy-duty cooking.

These little problems that pop up as you fine-tune your rig are not for arguing, they are for solving to your individual tastes. Treat them as a challenge and figure out a solution by talking to others, searching online, or just putting your thinking cap on.

Between now and the time you find a childproof latch, hold on to your drawers every time you round a corner.
--Keep Smilin’. Dr. R.V. Shrink

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jean said...

Hey there, RV shrink !!! You missed the rig on this one.
Why not get a small roll of the shelf rubbery stuff that I keep under my pots, dishes etc? NOTHING slides on those! Between the pans, too. The Contac material has holes in it - so even if you do not oil your pans regularly - the air circulates.
Works well for me.

Anonymous said...

Good advice, Shrink! Jean may have a great idea for sliding pans, but I think she missed the point, the whole drawer is flying out of the cabinet. But at least the rubber makes it quieter!

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone need to carry THREE cast iron skillets? At the very least pare it down to one - the biggest one. Granted there is the rare occasion when only the cast iron skillet will work, but most everything can be prepared just as well in a lightweight non-stick pan which makes much more sense!!

Anonymous said...

My first thought is that the writer is being a bit selfish if that's her only comment to her husband as he's having to put the drawer back in MULTIPLE TIMES. And yes, why THREE skillets? As shrink said, no need to argue, but couldn't she have tried to be a bit more helpful?

Micheal Whelan said...

We carry 3. 1 10 inch, 1 6 inch and a flat skillet for pancakes. Why not 3? It is what she likes. I was even thinking of adding a cast dutch oven to the mix but decided to use a cast lit for the large pan instead, cast is very versatile. We use the lowest drawer under the oven. Never slid out yet but if it does it is already at the floor. I like the idea of the rubber. We use it on the plates. Need to give the pots and pans a try.