Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Pedal paddle or battle

Dear Dr. R.V. Shrink:
We live full-time on the road with no garage. We have a mid-sized motorhome and pull a small car. I love to pedal and my wife loves to paddle. The problem is I don't think we can carry both bikes and boats. She wants me to store kayaks on the motorhome roof, but I think that is inconvenient, dangerous, and a nightmare waiting to happen every time I need to get them down.

How do you think we should solve this issue? Taking one of each is not an option.
--Toyless hauler in Harrisburg

Dear Toyless:
Many people go through this same process when first starting out in the RV lifestyle. Where there is a will, there is a way. The process should begin before you even choose a rig. Thinking ahead as to what equipment you may need to bring along and how to organize it is very important. In this situation I can think of several solutions you may consider besides arguing.

Inflatable kayaks would be easy to fit into a storage bay or car trunk. Hard-sided kayaks could be racked on the car roof. I have even seen racks that fit kayaks vertically on the rear of motorhomes. Same with bikes. Rack them on the car or the rear of the motorhome.

If you use the car for hauling, you will often want to off-load when stopping for some length of time and slide the boats under the motorhome.

Having a bike rack for just the motorhome can be a problem when you want to transport them to a trailhead. Having the capability to transport both with your tow car will be convenient in many situations. I have seen people hauling everything you can imagine.

There are all kinds of racking systems. You are working on a common combination with many workable solutions. They even have kayaks with pedals. Check out Hobie Cat kayaks.
Good luck.
--Keep Smilin', Dr. R.V. Shrink


jean said...

Or....you could simply bring two pair of trekking poles and some good solid walking boots? Keep grinnin, there, Mr S! Jean

Anonymous said...

Hobie makes a kayak called the mirage drive. It is the best of both worlds. You peddle it or paddle it (and can even sail it). Both problems solved. However I think the author is worried about transporting and loading and off loading them. We have been RVing for 10+ years with Hobie kayaks on the roof of our toad and recumbent bikes on the back with no problems. Yakama makes a rack system for kayaks that allows one person loading and unloading. Works great.

MarvThom said...

We have a bike rack on the back of the car (a Honda CRV) and carry an inflatable kayak from Sea Eagle in the back of the SUV with a small Kayak on top. So we pedal and paddle. We are, at the moment, nursing sore muscles and feet from a 3 /2 mile hike to Angel Rocks near Chena Hot Springs north of Fairbanks, Alaska. Visitor Center lady said it was a moderate trail, must be an Alaskan definition, as we thought it was a vertical trail we barely made it up and coming down was scary steep as well. Trekking poles were barely adequate, but useful.

electricbuzz said...

Jean. That was an unfriendly comment. Some people are unable to walk but can enjoy other activities.😈

tj said...

I have found that a folding kayak works for me. It is hard-sided. It folds into a box that I can tie to my ladder. We still carry the bikes.
Not quite as easy as my kayak at home, but at least I have one with me!(It is an Oru kayak).