Tuesday, June 17, 2014

RV utopia

Dear Dr. R.V. Shrink:
We are in the advanced stage of our RV lifestyle. We are not yet ready to give up our gypsy life, but we are ready to find more permanent mooring. We have been all over North America during the last decade. Now we would like to find a few perfect spots to spend the seasons and park for longer periods of time. The problem is we can’t agree on those geographical locations. My wife likes the Southwest, I like the wild parts of Florida. She likes summers in the Midwest, I like the mountains. She likes the fall colors of Vermont, I like Colorado. We are always arguing about where to throw out the anchor. I think we should invest in property in a couple of agreed upon areas, but so far we have not found the perfect paradise for both of us. Can you offer any advice on settling this settlement issue.
--Looking for utopia with little hopia

Dear Looking:
I will try to help with what little information you have provided. Maybe you don’t have as complicated an issue as you think. Perhaps you are not totally committed to settling as you think. If your health is good and you still enjoy travel, maybe you should visit the places on both lists, just stay longer than in the past. Take turns on the seasonal stops. Often you will discover a change in attitude about a place, once you have spent more time, made friends, discovered new interests and understand seasonal weather patterns. You will have a totally different attitude about a location when you have spent a couple months instead of a couple weeks. You may find it harder to settle down for longer periods of time if you have been moving constantly for a decade. Take it slow, grow into this new lifestyle. It will not be all that different. You still live on wheels and can make change by simply unhooking the utilities and hooking the RV. I would not advise investing in property until you have both invested a fair amount of time in an area and agree that this is where you could possibly spread some roots. It is important that you both stay active, so make sure the areas you decide on offer something for both of you to thrive. You will most likely discover there is no such place as utopia, but with a little planning and some trial and error, you might come close. Good luck.
--Keep Smilin’, Dr. R.V. Shrink



Anonymous said...

In somewhat of the same situation, we are renting a small house in our desired area for 6 months. This will hopefully give us a better feel of what living there will be like prior to purchasing property.

Too Many Cats said...

Check out the Escapees co-op parks for a landing pad.

Fox said...

Flip a coin who ever wins picks the spots for this year. Next year the other person picks and keep that up.. or you can do seasons.. She picks this season you pick the next and so on.. COMPROMISE is always the best way.