Wednesday, April 9, 2014

RV sound waves

Dear Dr. R.V. Shrink:
I know people have complained about this in the past, but it irks me to no end when I have to listen to another camper’s music. There should be a “No Tolerance” rule. I just spent two days feeling my rig vibrate from a deep bass, rap-crap song, over and over. The host said it was perfectly legal during the hours they were listening. Sound is so invasive. If people want to listen to whatever music turns them on, let them stay home in the privacy of their home. Why should I be exposed to it? Am I just an old curmudgeon getting ornery in my old age? In some campgrounds I wish I had already gone deaf. In this case it wouldn’t have helped - I could feel it!
--Vibrating in Valencia

Dear Vibs:
I don’t think this is an age issue, but it is an age old complaint. You will run into all kinds of people and campground management variations while on the road. I would have to say, the majority have some pretty decent control over what goes on in a campground setting. That being said, when you reach a destination you are looking forward to and find yourself in the vicinity of a boom box, it can be frustrating. I agree that sounds are invasive and need to be controlled. Most campgrounds have set hours for generators and loud noise of any kind. That however does not solve the problem of those seeking some quiet and solitude during daylight hours. Focusing on music I would agree with more volume control. I have witnessed people trying to outblast each other. You are not going to change management attitude often. I always vote with my feet (wheels). I have even asked for a refund in the past to leave early. To some, camping with Bob Seger belting Horizontal Bop is relaxing. If they are within the rules and regulations of the campground, don’t look for the host to give you much satisfaction, relocate and chalk it off as bad timing. You might say you are just skipping the beat.
--Keep Smilin’, Dr. R.V. Shrink


Barb said...

I've had that happen, too. I couldn't hear the music, just the beat of the base. Coming through my mattress and pillow. I couldn't get away from it.

If the host couldn't help, and it was REALLY annoying, I'd approach the camper. They might not even realize how invasive their music is. Hopefully that would solve the problem. If not, I see nothing wrong with playing church music or opera out in the "yard" loud enough to counteract the rap music. Surely no one else would mind, right? LOL Just kidding, I'd move on. No reason to start a turf war with someone who is probably so much better at war than I am. :)

Anonymous said...

We were at a campground during spring break and the music didn't bother me, but the BASS did. It was so vibrating that it hurt my chest all night. Found out that this bass vibration, if it hurts your chest, is an indication of your lungs collapsing, and many young people are hospitalized from concerts for collapsed lungs.

badwolf said...

I have to admit, at times I have countered the loud base pounding rap music with cranking up News Radio. The look on the offending music playing neighbor was priceless. Puzzled by this, I could see their mental wheels turning, and many times they even reduced their music levels. I don't recommend this, but I have been guilty of retaliating this way.

Bobzilla said...

Hoping I can stop laughing long enough to type this...

Anonymous, that's nuts! I've been in the live music (concert) touring business for 27 years, and I have never witnessed, nor hear of, a music fan's lungs collapsing from exposure to loud music. As a tour accountant, which I am these last 13 years, I am responsible for being aware of any crowd injuries that occur during the shows I work - usually hundreds per year, all over the world - and I can state for a fact that no fan anywhere, has ever required EMT attention for a collapsed lung, due to loud music.

Furthermore, I have played my own stereo at what you would no doubt call extreme volumes for over 40 years now, and yet my lungs have yet to exhibit pain or signs of collapse.

Unknown said...

In my stix and brix house I have a neighbor that has a realy great dub woofer.
There are two houses and a street between us. When they crank it up, I cant' hear the music, but the bass rattles me and my house.

Anonymous said...

This is called " Disturbing the Peace" and shouldn't be allowed. I don't give a crap where you are!!!