Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Smoking Neighbors

Dear Dr. R.V. Shrink:
Could someone share with me the proper protocol when you have neighbors who smoke? I'm allergic to smoke and for some reason, most of the smokers stand outside to smoke...I guess so their RV doesn't smell of smoke. However, it's right outside our windows and the smoke comes in. Consequently, we have to shut our windows to keep the smoke out. I realize that this is MY problem but the only solution I see is for us to move to another site...and hope another smoker doesn't park next to us. This doesn't happen very often but when it does it sets allergies in motion and we are forced to use the AC to keep cool. Thanks for any help you can give.
--Nick O. Tine

Dear Nick:
Chuck passed your email on to me. I just covered another smoking issue in another post a couple weeks ago. That one had to do with service people smoking in RVs they work on. Your question seems to be how to deal with RV neighbors who smoke. One of the greatest advantages of living in an RV is the fact that they have wheels. It doesn’t matter if it's a smoker that is bothering you, a rowdy bunch of party animals, karaoke lovers or barking dogs. You can easily move in many cases. It’s not like you bought a house next to someone with a kid starting a Heavy Metal garage band. Smoking is not all that common anymore. Many people who smoke prefer not to smoke in their rig for resale value reasons. Therefore, they smoke outside under the awning. I just experienced the same thing. We woke up one morning with a couple one site away from our bedroom window, smoking, drinking their morning coffee and watching the Today Show on an outside TV. They were a very nice couple spending a full two weeks in the State Park we were visiting. We never said a thing. We didn’t feel we had any right to complain. They were in their space, quietly doing what they enjoy doing. We simply moved. The smoke wasn’t as bad as the constant hacking. That said, what if you can’t move? There will be times moving is not an option. Maybe you've paid for long term parking, maybe there are no other sites available, or perhaps you are with a group. In that case, especially if you have an allergic reaction to smoke, a polite conversation would be in order explaining about your allergy. You may not get the reaction you are hoping for, but most of the time people are going to be understanding and do the right thing. Unless there is a savings for renting a space for more than one night, I would suggest paying per day for the first couple days until you get a feel for your surroundings. Often you will find that something isn’t right about the park or your space and you will wish to move.
Keep Smilin', Dr. R.V. Shrink


Anonymous said...

Moving is the best solution, if it is possible.

Also, the fact that you have eliminated the effects of second hand smoke on your lungs is a bonus.

Smokers, like drunks cannot be reasoned with, so let them cut days of their lives and save yours.

Anonymous said...

Although a smoker and their smoke is uber annoying... I detest the folks getting back to the basics and building a homecoming size bonfire for marshmallows and weinees. Even with all the windows shut tight the smoke is there........ grrrr!

paulwsc said...

"Smokers, like drunks cannot be reasoned with..."
Now that's a reasonable comment to have about another. The non-use of the modifier "Most" or "Some" would be the word to use here.

I am a smoker and speaking for myself, I would bend over backwards to find an equitable solution to the problem of my smoke entering another's RV. After all, we want to have an enjoyable time and meet new friends.

As for you, Anonymous, I think the word we need to have here is "Tolerance" and "Reasonable". There are those who stand on their "Rights" but then there are "understanding" people and would rather have an enjoyable time and meet new friends. Don't judge a book by the cover and asking or even just bringing a conversation in a reasonable tone
can accomplish much.

I don't normally make a response to an "Anonymous" entry because such people have an agenda of just to irritate people and maybe "most" would do anything to create hate and discontent.

To be a reasonable person you have to recognize we all have rights but the most important one is,"Treat others as you would have them treat you." I think thats somewhere in the Holy Book. We all have a right to discuss our differences and find a solution.

Too Many Cats said...

Now, with Colorado and Washington state legalizing pot, people will toking up next door.

Anonymous said...

WOW, I could see this as an issue for many and wouldn't it be nice if parks had "non-smoking" areas to park at for people that the smoke really bothers. I'm allergic myself, so I totally understand.