Thursday, July 19, 2012

RV companionship

Dear Dr. R.V. Shrink:
I have been traveling my whole life. I have picked up some odd habits over the years that drives my traveling companions nuts. I guess that's why I am always ending up with a new one. Women like me but not on a full-time basis. From Steinbeck's Travels with Charlie I learned to do my laundry in a plastic garbage can hanging from bungee cords from the ceiling of my truck camper. At noon I add rinse water and hang out to dry in the late afternoon. I also save time by cooking on my engine block while driving. To ensure safety, I wrap my meatloaf in three layers of heavy duty aluminum foil. My latest traveling companion was a great gal who loved my meatloaf and laundry technique, but she dropped me for a guy with a bigger rig. She would never admit it but I'm thinking it was the fact that she had to shower outside all the time. She started complaining about all the windows covered with decals of all the wonderful places I've been. It's not like you can't see light, plus every window is full of great memories. I try to share everything I know about traveling and the RV lifestyle. I think of myself as kind of a mentor. It's usually when I pull out my blue "honey wagon" on wheels when the relationship starts to fall apart. Do you think it's me or am I just a poor judge of character? I'm working for a few months driving a train in Orlando. I just met a woman who seems wonderful and wants to travel. Should I give it another go? Let me know what you think.
--Wally in Orlando

Dear Wally World:
It takes all kinds to make the world go round. You just have to find someone that marches to the same drum you do. I'm thinking you might make someone a great catch. You cook, you do laundry, you shower on a regular basis, and you have outside interests like decal collecting. I know it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks, but you might want to consider eliminating the "honey wagon" and adding an indoor shower. You can never compete with a guy with a bigger rig, but you can try to improve what you have. They say there is a good woman behind every man. So keep looking behind you. I would also hang out at the decal display in tourist traps and spark up conversations with women making purchases. There are all kinds of pickup lines for that type of occasion. Life is one big numbers game so keep rolling the dice, eventually you will find the right partner, or die trying.
--Keep Smilin', Dr. R.V. Shrink



Anonymous said...

Wally, I bet you could find a perfect match, for a traveling companion,at a mental institution near you!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, when you're ready for a change, any excuse will do. There are a growing number of women who have realized that, just like many men, they do not need to keep the same companion "until death do us part". I would suggest that Wally World sign up with a good online dating site (one that checks out it's members) to find someone who is looking for what he's looking for.

Anonymous said...

The solution could be as simple as finding a woman who loves to travel, and has her OWN rig. Then she won't have to see out your windows, or be affected by any of your plumbing. (Well, any of your RIG's plumbing.) Sometimes couples find that maintaining separate establishments helps them maintain their relationship as well as their sanity.

Wolfe said...

This might sound hackneyed, but "be your wonderfully quirky SELF" -- right up front, believe it or not. If you try online ads, you might even put some of your favorite RV tricks right in there -- they are pretty environmentally friendly, and some women really go for that. It's tempting to pretend to be someone you're not to get someone you think you'll like, and that only makes you end up with someone who won't like you ANYWAY. Seek someone who will really appreciate what you already are, not wish you were someone else until they drive you crazy. As someone else mentioned, look for your next companion where you would already be -- if you're where you're happy and comfortable, then the people who are around you will be of like mind. You don't look for a churchlady at the bar, right? Good luck, and good love...

Anonymous said...

I think you can find some homeless women who have been living on the street for a couple of years that would enjoy your life style.