Saturday, February 19, 2011

Loading the RV in Winter

Dear Dr. R.V. Shrink:
I’m getting the cold shoulder from my wife. She doesn’t like the winter weather we have here in Minnesota and always wants to pack the motorhome and head south in November. I’m an avid ice fisherman and I can’t do that in Arizona, so I prefer to leave around the middle of February and enjoy the spring desert. The big problem always arises when we start to load our RV in February. She refuses to help. She told me this morning while I was taking a load out to the motorhome, “If we left in November we wouldn’t have five feet of snow to deal with.” It didn’t help that we were having another blizzard. I know she still loves me. She tied a rope around my waist. That way, if I got lost in the blizzard, it would be easier for her to find me--in the spring. Do you think I’m inconsiderate Doc? Should I leave for Arizona in November and just read about ice fishing in Outdoor Life? I thought leaving in February was a happy medium, but obviously my wife thinks different. Please help me handle this difficult situation.
--Ice Hole in Bemidji

Dear Ice Hole:
I wouldn’t call late February a happy medium. That’s almost spring in Minnesota. Most snowbirds are thinking about heading home by then. In Quartzsite they have started rolling up the sidewalks. It may not help your loading task, but you could get your fishing in earlier than that and head out the middle of January. That would be more of a compromise. If the weather keeps turning the way it’s been these past couple of years, you should be able to ice fish in Arizona soon. Until then I would leave a bit earlier and have the motorhome pre-loaded as much as possible. Look for sales and outfit the motorhome with items that stay in the rig. That way, when you get ready to pull anchor, you throw in some last minute items and you’re “back on the road again.” Think like a firefighter. Another option, if financially feasible, would be to leave in November and fly home for the holidays and fit in some ice fishing at that time. You and your wife need to work out a plan that meets both your needs. I think late February puts you on thin ice.
--Keep Smilin’, Dr. R.V. Shrink


Tim said...

Why not alternate years. If this year was a February year, make next year a November one. That would be a true compromise.

Anonymous said...

Give her the keys and tell her to write?

PapPappy said...

How about heading out in December, before it's too cold for the wife, and then fly home for a weekend to go ice fishing with the buddies? This way DW is happy, and as the old adage goes..."If DW isn't happy, then nobody is happy!"

Dick_B said...

How about alternating years; one year leave in November and the next in February, etc.?