Thursday, January 20, 2011

Needy RV Neighbors

Dear Dr. R.V. Shrink:
We have been full-time RVing for about seven years. We have met many wonderful people. However, occasionally we meet a stalker. It is usually a single person, perhaps lonely. The latest example happened in the Everglades National Park at Flamingo Campground. I called him “Ears.” My husband could not step foot out of our motorhome before this fellow camper was Johnny on the spot. He had to be sitting at his trailer window watching for my husband to exit. It was almost funny if not so annoying. My husband was very patient and spent time letting this guy shadow him and talk his ear off, but finally we moved to another campground ahead of schedule because it became too annoying. Should we have stayed and explained to this person that we needed less contact? It was very awkward. We kept looking in the rearview mirror as we headed north to see if we were being tailed.
--An Earful in Florida

Dear Earful:
The answer would depend on how flexible you are. I applaud your husband’s patience. Some people are lonely and need a listening post. However, there must be some limitations. If the person is rude, irritating, nosey or inconsiderate in some way, I would have no problem setting them straight. First with some subtle hints, and if that didn’t work, being more direct. Sometimes you do not have the convenience of moving. Perhaps you have paid in advance for a long term space. Each instance would be a judgement call on the annoying scale of one to ten. I think you will agree in your seven years of living the RV lifestyle, the majority of the people you connect with are a joy not a hassle. A huge part of this lifestyle is meeting interesting people from all walks of life. That is not to say that you have to spark with every camping neighbor you meet. This is no different that any other relationship problem you encounter in life. Make good judgements and watch your rearview mirror.

--Keep Smilin’, Dr. R.V. Shrink

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merlyn jones said...

this is so our neighbour. Being direct did not help he just doesn't get it. I suspect he is the same when he is RVing. The only solution our neighborhood had was to install gates on our drive and lock them Not an RV solution. We do not stay anywhere he is!